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The first four songs were recorded in May 1973 at Chipping Norton Recording Studios in Chipping Norton , Oxfordshire. "P.'s March", though seemingly a pun on "peace march", was meant to be "Pierre's March" in honour of the drummer, Pierre van der Linden. The second, or "B" motif first appeared as a "B" motif in the song, "Carmen Elysium", on Thijs van Leer's "Introspection 2" album. Written in the classical style by Thijs van Leer , but performed with rock arrangements, this song alternates between uptempo, major key choruses, with melody stated on flute and piccolo, and minor key Bachian verses, with melody stated on electric guitar. "Can't Believe My Eyes", originally entitled "Can't Believe My Ears" and subtitled "Dance Macabre", is a bleak, hard rock instrumental written by Jan Akkerman . In stark contrast is van Leer's gentle jazz ballad "Focus V." "Out of Vesuvius" is an excerpt from a 1973 jam session, which would eventually evolve into a long composition like "Eruption". "Glider" marked a move into disco-funk territory, and was recorded in Brussels , Belgium with drum machine and electric sitar amongst the instrumentation. The song was later rearranged and recorded as "Mother Focus". "Red Sky at Night" features synthesised bass parts, and was recorded with vocals as "O Avondrood" on a Dutch music compilation. Recorded in 1970, "Spoke the Lord Creator" was the band's first attempt at using "Brahms Variations on a Theme by Haydn" in a rock music context. It was later recorded as "Starter" on the 1974 Hamburger Concerto album. "Crackers" is another disco-funk instrumental with extended chords more common to jazz. Lastly, "Ship of Memories" is an excerpt of an instrumental on drums and harmonium written and performed by Pierre van der Linden .

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Cyril Havermans* Cyril - Mind WaveCyril Havermans* Cyril - Mind WaveCyril Havermans* Cyril - Mind WaveCyril Havermans* Cyril - Mind Wave