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Although an immense amount of labor was involved in its construction, Solomon's Temple--in the words of George Oliver--"was only a small building and very inferior in point of size to some of our churches." The number of buildings contiguous to it and the vast treasure of gold and precious stones used in its construction concentrated a great amount of wealth within the temple area. In the midst of the temple stood the Holy of Holies, sometimes called the Oracle. It was an exact cube, each dimension being twenty cubits, and exemplified the influence of Egyptian symbolism. The buildings of the temple group were ornamented with 1,453 columns of Parian marble, magnificently sculptured, and 2,906 pilasters decorated with capitals. There was a broad porch facing the east, and the sanctum sanctorum was upon the west. According to tradition, the various buildings and courtyards could hold in all 300,000 persons. Both the Sanctuary and the Holy of Holies were entirely lined with solid gold plates encrusted with jewels.

Mystra (pronounced "MISS-trah" [2] [11] ), the Mother of all Magic , was a greater deity [2] and the second incarnation of the goddess of magic after her predecessor Mystryl sacrificed herself to protect the Weave from Karsus's Folly . [9] Mystra was destroyed by Helm when she defied the will of Ao the overgod and attempted to leave the Prime Material Plane during the Time of Troubles . [7] At the conclusion of the Godswar , Ao offered the position of Goddess of Magic to the wizard Midnight , [12] who reluctantly accepted and took Mystra's name in order to smooth the transition after so much chaos. [5]

Cosmic Church - Arcana Dei I - Pimeyden ValoCosmic Church - Arcana Dei I - Pimeyden ValoCosmic Church - Arcana Dei I - Pimeyden ValoCosmic Church - Arcana Dei I - Pimeyden Valo