Dogs on ice - salt wound - Emergency Dog Bites, When Big Dogs Bite Little Dogs

When cleaning the wound, gently massage the surrounding skin to open the wound and promote drainage. You may note some discharge or bleeding when you do this. Note whether it appears to be infected (a thick or colored discharge) or if it is a clear thin fluid. You should remove or allow either type of discharge to drain away. If the discharge continues to be bloody, green or yellow for several consecutive days, contact your veterinarian for instructions.

Although salt water is beneficial for wound healing and has been used as a potent natural remedy, improper use of this substance may instead aggravate the wound, causing excessive redness and inflammation. While using salt water for wound treating, such as over-the-counter saline solution, be prepared to experience sting when it is first applied onto the wound site.

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Dogs On Ice - Salt WoundDogs On Ice - Salt WoundDogs On Ice - Salt WoundDogs On Ice - Salt Wound