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"Cities in Dust" was a more post-punk affair than singles released by the Banshees in the previous several years. It also had more of a pop music melody than past releases from the band, although its lyrics were still dark, mentioning a shrine to Lares Familiares . Its upbeat 4/4 rhythm also made it a hit in dance clubs. "Cities in Dust" peaked at number 21 in the UK singles chart . [1] Although not Siouxsie and the Banshees' first song to hit the . Hot Dance Club Play chart, it was their first significant hit, climbing to number 17.

The title "Mittageisen" is a nonsense term based on the German word "Mittagessen" (literally: "noon meal") for lunch and can be translated as "noon iron". The song was inspired by John Heartfield's work Hurrah, die Butter ist Alle… read more

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