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“I don’t want to make a big deal of it because she didn’t, but I think everything that’s come out in the last couple of weeks, starting with Harvey Weinstein — anybody who has talked about it and even those who haven’t yet are incredibly brave and I think it’s time for change,” Jeffrey added. “Hopefully all this stuff is going to change this business. It’s prevalent all over and I’m proud of all these women. All women and my wife.”

Rampage reunites Johnson with New Line, producer Beau Flynn and director Brad Peyton ; they previously teamed for the global hits San Andreas and Journey 2: The Mysterious Island . The producers are Flynn through FlynnPictureCo, John Rickard through Wrigley Pictures, 7 Bucks Entertainment’s Hiram Garcia and Peyton through ASAP Entertainment. FlynnPictureCo’s Wendy Jacobson is co-producer, while the exec producers are Marcus Viscidi, Dwayne Johnson, Dany Garcia and Jeff Fierson.

JDM and Jared and Jensen have kept in contact. All have expressed the desire to work together again, although as Morgan's star rises that is becoming more difficult.

Jeffrey Morgan - Quasar-MachJeffrey Morgan - Quasar-MachJeffrey Morgan - Quasar-MachJeffrey Morgan - Quasar-Mach